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SNAAZ Annual Conference
September 22-23, 2017
Hyatt Regency Phoenix & Phoenix Convention Center

"Tune In To SNAAZ"

Dave Weber - Keynote Speaker

Dave Weber - Keynote Speaker

Dave's high energy and entertaining style have made him a crowd favorite. He's been nicknamed a "Chihuahua on caffeine" and while his style might initially get him invited to present, it is his great content and timeless principles that get him invited back time and time again. A day with Dave Weber is perfect for professionals, staffs and their families who want to "laugh and learn" and take away principles they can apply to the conference table as well as the kitchen table!

"Sticks & Stones Exposed:
The Truth Behind Words & Relationships"

(Culture & Climate)

Also called "Some Days You're the Pigeon, Some Days the Statue!" Based on Dave's book, this hilarious presentation zeroes in on the power of our words and the impact they have on the culture and climate of the work environment. What kind of atmosphere are our words creating? One in which team members want to excel and do their best.... or one that is breeding a team of clock watchers? Discover how to transform your work place and your relationships and how to build a great 'community' with your team and family.

Friday 9/22/17 highlights
• SNS Exam
• FOUR Director/Supervisor Sessions
• Friday Night Dinner, Awards, Dessert Reception & After Glow!
Think Music for your attire - Jeans and a concert T-shirt, a famous musician, dress disco, 50's, Country, grunge, rock n roll, hip hop, you name it!

Saturday 9/23/17 highlights
• Breakfast & Awards
• Keynote Speaker
• Breakout Sessions
• Customers Speak out: Student Panel
• Fabulous Food Show

Reserve your room at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix today!

(888) 421-1442
Guests need to ask for the School Nutrition Association of Arizona to get out great rate of $118 + tax per night

Cut-Off Date: Thursday, September 7th

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At the Annual State Conference, we will offer the SNS Credentialing Exam at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix from Noon-4:00PM in the Borien Room.
Registration will close on 9/1/17.
PRICE: $225 for members; $325 for non-members.
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Message from Rick Hall, our SNA Foundation Representative.....

Yes, it's that time of year... donations are needed Every year, each state's School Nutrition Association raises funds for the School Nutrition Foundation. Your monetary gifts help in a number of ways including: educational and professional development, research, and scholarships. This year at our State Conference in September, I am going to ask *EVERYONE* to donate. And if you know me, which most of you do... I'll try to make giving fun. Our goal is set at $3,500, but I think we can do better. So start saving now. If you put aside 1 dollar a week, you can easily save $10 for a donation. Ten dollars is the minimum for your name to be listed as a donor on the National and State listings, BUT we'll take more if you have it to give. I will have tablets and computers at the membership booth for our "foodies" to give. You don't have to wait until then. You can make a donation at any time by Clicking Here.

Here's where the fun begins...For those donating before our State Conference, Rick has a surprise for you at the Membership booth.

  • If $1,000 is donated online before the conference, Rick comes in his full Irish dress...yes, he has a kilt
  • If $1,500 is donated online before the conference, Rick brings back "Bo Peep"
  • If $2,000 is donated online before the conference, You get Bo Peep with a clean-shaven face to apply make-up as you see fit. Then you can take a Polaroid to keep as a thank you...From me to you

There will be a lot going on in the Membership booth this year, so I will need some help talking to prospective new members and collecting donations. If you can help for a while, I would appreciate it.

Look forward to our event,

Rick Hall

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Legislative Action Conference

Final Version of State Mandate and Reimbursement

USDA Commitment to School Meals, by Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture

Press Release from Senator Hoeven: Funding Agreement Provides Flexibility in School Meal Programs

Perdue on USDA and Trump Budget

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